maxmus_03Maxmus is a comprehensive financial solution for small, medium and large SACCO business. It’s designed to ease and control SACCO revenues.

Maxmus has been developed by SACCO professionals who truly understand what a busy SACCO needs to improve its work flow and boost productivity. It will automate many of the most difficult tasks that a SACCO performs and offer expansion capabilities through the growing line of other programs which seamlessly integrate with Maxmus.

You do not have to pay thousands of shillings in setup and recurring fees.


System Features / Modules

Members Registration

  1. Capture members Detail (No, names, member registration date, group, Monthly income, occupation, bank, ac no, next of kin details).
  2. Capture Member Photos
  3. Capture Member Signature

Loans Products Module

  1. Capture loans type
  2. Interest Calculations
  3. Automatic Penalty Generation for overdue loans
  4. Security Requirements
  5. Repayments Details
  6. Minimum and Maximum Amounts
  7. General Ledger Accounts

Loan Applications Module

  1. Capture preset loan types with their requirements like interest rates and modes
  2. Able to capture Loan refinancing and Top-ups with provision to Auto-deduct a charge as income on loan balance
  3. Check loan qualifications criteria for processing
  4. Prints a repayment schedule to applicants
  5. Loan/Interest offset from members` deposits

Loan Security Details                         

  1. Capture Guarantors(member no, amount guaranteed , share security)
  2. Capture security instruments like title deeds, log books and share certificates

Backup And Security

Advancement in technology and the ease of access to the latest Smart gadgetry and devices has led to increase in cases of fraud and unauthorized data and information mining, viruses and other data threats hence the need for data and information protection.

  1. Expiry of Passwords.
  2. System auto Logoff after a specified idle time.
  3. automatic data backups.
  4. Categorization and classification of user groups and rights of access.

Savings Products

  1. Capture share No
  2. Descriptions
  3. Interest income rate
  4. Member type
  5. Share type
  6. Salary Check-off deduction report
  7. General Ledger Accounts

End Of Day Procedure

  1. Closing & Opening of Cashier Tills
  2. Incrementing the accounting date
  3. Generating loan interest journals
  4. Journalizing transactions

General Ledger

  1. Flexible chart of accounts,
  2. Create type of accounts(income, general ledger, expenses, revenue, asset, petty cash, capital asset)
  3. Journal entries
  4. Budgets


Cash Book Transactions

  1. Petty cash entries ,
  2. Deposit slips ,
  3. Bank reconciliation,
  4. Cheque Register ,
  5. Cash request -Shows cash request, approved cash and the paid cash detail (payee, date, mode of pay, transaction, allocation and amount)
  6. Payments –booking of  vouchers, imp rest and payment journals

Accounts Payable

  1. Capture Supplier Details
  2. Supplier bills/Invoices
  3. Payments
  4. Credits
  5. Aging Analysis
  6. Purchase orders

Accounts Receivable(Sales Ledger)

  1. Capture Other Debtors Details
  2. Debtors Invoices
  3. Receipts
  4. Credits notes
  5. Aging Analysis

Financial Reports

-Financial Reports(Robust reporting for financial reporting needs)
-Includes dozens of ready-to-use reports

Receipting and Bank Reconciliation

  1. Capture of deposit slip value date and the transaction date. I.e.
    1.       Value date – Date when the actual deposit was made in the bank
    2.       Transaction date – Date when the deposit slip is captured in the Sacco  system by the data clerk.
  2.  Account snapshot on receipting.
  3. The system comes with a feature that enables the user to tell accounts before and after status at a glance during the process of receipting.

Guarantors and Guarantees

  1. It’s now easy to get unattached guarantors deposits on member loan application. The attached guarantors deposits is released proportionally to guarantees loan repayments.
  2. Generate guarantors  and guarantees  Analysis reports.

Deposit Offsets

Deposit Offset to Charges

This feature makes it possible for one to pay any charges through an offset process

Deposit transfer to shares

This option provides an easier and flexible way for operator to transfer his/her deposit to shares voluntarily

Additional Features

Daily cashier Reconciliation

For easy reconciliation, this option will provide individual user’s daily listing; i.e receipts, vouchers, offsets, transfers

Capitalization of Dividends

It’s now possible to convert shares and deposits to dividends without having to pay out then receipt.

Loan Part Payment and Loan Refunds
Loan Part Pay: – It’s possible to disburse part of loan amount awarded in intervals and cash availability.
Loan Refunds: – In case where a member remits more than he/she ought to have to paid to clear the loan balance, the system has a capability of making a refund transaction of the difference.

Loan Top-ups and Refinancing.
This option offers top-ups and refinancing to existing loans with an optional automatic charge.

Web Portal Integration Capabilities
The new system comes with capabilities of integrating a web portal that members can login and view their account status, Make inquiries and apply loans via the internet.

Automatic Loan Interest Processing
This feature makes it possible for automated periodic loan interest processing. That does not require any human intervention to trigger or fire it.