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In a world driven by technology, we are convinced that Agile Software Solutions can help accelerate the pace of innovation so that companies deliver great services that customers love. At Brainsoft Technologies, we are absolutely dedicated to making your entire company swift, leaner and more Agile. In fact, we think helping you be “on time and on budget” is a pretty low bar for success. We want you to consistently win product and service awards. We want to spike your net promoter score. We want you to be in control of your own destiny, because no matter how fast things change, you will have the speed and agility to create your next generation of growth.

Our services

Web development

Our website design company can design a professional custom web site for you whether you run a small home business or multi-million dollar corporation! We have experience in almost every possible type of business, from Travel, to health clubs, to heavy equipment and retail jewelry. For a broad sample of our level of experience visit a sample of some of our clients in our web design portfolio.

Software Development

Through our software development services we can transform your day to day operations into a streamlined faster and more cost effective process. We develop unique customised software applications to resolve your business needs. We start by listening and discussing your business challenges at a free consultation meeting. We can then begin to design a software program for your business.

Consulting and transformation

Strategy Consulting guides you through the network, operation and business challenges that impact your bottom line, today and tomorrow. Identifying and understanding end-user needs and meeting them with relevant offerings is crucial. Business model evolution, service innovation and introduction of new technologies also take on increasing importance. This requires a holistic approach that engages every part of your organization, which in turn rests on having the right strategy in place.

Graphic design

Our graphic design operations offer the best custom graphic design and advertising services at affordable rates. With artists, animation specialists, illustrators and advertising specialists your project is in good hands from concept to completion.

Our specialisation

Brainsoft Technologies Specializes on supporting small and medium sized enterprises in growing their businesses by improving and streamlining business processes , Satisfactory Client Service and revenue tracking and control.

Software development

Our software developers have an extensive proven track record of developing both cloud and desktop applications.No matter your companies size, if you have a requirement and whatever the budget, we can help.


I.T consulting

We offer I.T consultation to either small or medium size businesses.Our experienced team of support staff put customer service first.Your calls are answered by our I.T support staff with the knowledge and experience to resolve your I.T related issues.


Mobile apps

We create beautiful Mobile apps designs, matched only by the intuitive and innovative user interfaces that those designs are based on.The Mobile apps are based on android, Ios & windows.


Web development

We build search engine friendly and “Google-ready” websites that deliver results.We have a dedicated team of designers working for you.


Do you have any project that need to be developed on time our team of expert will help you with the coding of the project using your preferred programming language.


Website Hosting & Maintenance

Brainsoft Technologies provides fast, knowledgeable and friendly website maintenance services.  In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are.  We’re here to help.


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